Watching your kids progress

To you parents out there, have you ever looked at your toddler and wondered what he or she will be like when they grow up?  I have done that to my two oldest boys and now I am doing it to my youngest.  The thing is, you can barely wait to see what personality they will get as they get older.  You try so hard to be there for the first crawl, first step, first word and all the first things they do as they develop.  Unfortunately, one day they open their mouths and out comes words and sentences that you never knew they had inside.  It is as if they skipped a step somewhere along the way, as you never saw it coming.  Like watching paint dry. You keep your eyes glued to it and it remains wet. Suddenly you blink and it’s dry.

This past weekend, my 22 month old son went from hardly uttering words, to engaging me in knock knock jokes, answering my questions with ‘cuz’ and other little vocal surprises that I never knew he had up his sleeves.   I guess a lesson I can learn from this is that no matter how much attention we pay our kids, no matter how much we keep our eyes on them, we will always miss something.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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