Organized chaos

I will be the first to admit that I am disorganized.  Sorry Amie, I beat you to it.  I always know this but it became painfully apparent yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday, I went to pay for my gas at a gas station and took out my wallet, well it’s not really a wallet, it’s the folder thingy that is IN a wallet.  I think it’s for cards etc.  Anyways, (thanks for interrupting!) as I said, I took it out to get my debit card, only thing was, IT WAS NOT THERE! nor anywhere else among my card collection, ids, etc.  I did what I do best under such circumstances. I panicked.  ‘Darn it! The lady is waiting! She’s probably thinking I am holding up the line. Why does this always happen to me? It was right here last time. Right here behind this card…”  Then I gave up and paid with my credit card.  On the way out the door, still searching through the folder thingy, I FOUND IT! Yes, nestled warm and cozy right behind my drivers license.  (Told you it was right there last time).

This morning, stopped at another gas bar.  (I’m a gas bar junkie).  I went to get out my loose change to pay and out comes crumpled papers with notes, numbers, names, thoughts, you name it, and that’s from one pocket.  I had to search all the pockets of my pants plus both my jacket pockets, just to come up with the two dollars I needed.  I paid the clerk and then is left standing with two fists full of junk.  Gloves, tickets, paper, change, kids diapers. (just kidding). I hastily crammed everything back in their proper places and made a mental note to clean up and organize myself better. (Good luck with that).

At home, ( No, I am not a hoarder!) I am very well organized, just in a chaotic way.  Because, (never start a sentence with Because), Amie is a female and I need not say, she has sole possession of the dresser in our bedroom, with the exception of one little drawer for me.  (It’s a His and Hers, Hers, Hers dresser). In this, I have watches, loose change, notes, pens, gum, golf balls, golf tees, candies, things I found, receipts, 2 black berry phones, etc. (see top pic).  I am also the sole owner of the night stand on my side of the bed which happens to have 2 drawers. (sweet!).  In the top drawer, I have a flashlight, books, ipad, hair clips, (don’t ask), and some stuff I never seen before.  The second drawer has a plastic bag with ear muffs. (when the kids were babies and daddy had to wake up for work). I clean these drawers out on a weekly basis but someone still keeps putting junk in them.  Sort of reminds me of the movie Paranormal Activity. The first one.

Believe me people, I know where everything is at all times.  When it all seems chaotic, out of the blue swoops Super Daddy to make sense of this seemingly disorganized mess, efficiently to boot. I work best this way.

I am thinking that for my new year’s resolution, I am going to make it my duty to have a better filing system.  Not for my sake, oh no, I’m fine with my organized system cleverly disguised as chaos to foil would be terrorists nosy parkers.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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