And the ‘Mommy Of The Year’ Award goes to…

My perfect wife had an experience today that would be sure to get her unanimously nominated for the Mommy Of The Year Award. NOT!

She took Kenyan to school (preschool) and took the youngest one along as no one was at home to watch him.  He has a tendency to run off when he goes out with us.  He picks a direction and locks on to it like a guided missile.  So while she’s getting Kenyan into his classroom, there he is, trying to beat a hasty retreat.

While on the way out of the school, Treyton was dawdling and trying to go anywhere but where she wanted to go.  As a threat, my wife said ‘Ok Treyton, I’m leaving you behind.’ and went through the doors, allowing it to close after her.   She then turned around to open it only to find that it had automatically locked.  So her poor son is crying on one side and is too little to press on the bar that opens the door while mommy is panicking on the other side.  Imagine the situation.

She bangs on the door to no avail as all the other parents have already left, leaving the halls empty.  Walking around the side, she went to the window of the classroom in which Kenyan was and banged on the window while screaming to the teacher that she was locked out and her toddler was locked in.   I would have hated to be in her shoe explaining the situation to the teacher after she opened up the door. “Well, you see, er…I thought he was right behind me.”

I have an overactive imagination so this is what I am visualizing. (No, I wasn’t there. Could have fooled you eh?).  I can see her walking away then turning back to the locked door. ‘Oh crap!’ she would say. She would try to pry the door open while instructing Treyton to press on the bar.  Finally, she would make the decision to risk embarrassment and go around to Kenyan’s window to get his teacher’s attention.  I can see Kenyan saying ‘What the heck! It’s my mommy! Is she playing Spider Man?’  (He always says what the heck and loves spidey). The teacher is probably thinking, ‘What’s this? I thought she left already. Is she spying on us or something?  If she thinks she’s going to catch us abusing the children, she’s wrong!  Oh wait a minute.   She’s saying her toddler is locked inside the doors? hahaha. Parents these days…’

Ok, I admit I got carried away a little bit there but isn’t that some funny stuff?  Lesson here is before you leave someone in a building as a lesson, be sure you yourself is not locked out of said building.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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4 Responses to And the ‘Mommy Of The Year’ Award goes to…

  1. therookiedad says:

    I think parents get a bigger imagination because of hearing things like this and always wondering what the child is thinking so we are constantly thinking about what the other person is thinking too! I gotta admit this is funny and could happen to anyone!

  2. rusticstory says:

    Oh my goodness! How embarassing for your poor wife! I hate it when things like that happen to me!! 🙂

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