What’s Important To Women Part 1

Disclaimer:  This blog is not intended to belittle my wife or any woman for that matter.  Your contribution to us men’s life is immeasurable and without you, I for one would be like a ship lost at sea. It’s just funny the way men and women are wired differently.  So please don’t take offence.

So, winter is here and the heat in our van takes this as the perfect time to act up…just when we need it most.  To rub salt in the wound, the warranty expired a month ago so we are on our own with this one.  Go figure, it never fails, right? Happened the same way with my expensive laptop.  The thing broke a couple days after the warranty expired.  (I am keeping it for sentimental reasons now).

Talking about vehicles, the wife usually drives the van and I the car. On occasions, we switch vehicles. On a few of these occasions, I would notice that the van was not sounding right or something seemed wrong with it.  ‘Amie, have you noticed that the van doesn’t feel right? I think it needs struts or something.’  She would reply that it seemed all right to her.  After a few weeks and the problem getting worse, she would say, ‘I think there is something wrong with the van.’  To which I would reply, ‘Well I was saying that weeks ago.’ About a month ago, I told her her I thought there was something wrong with the heat/cold control.  She was her usual, ‘Sounds fine to me.’

Last weekend, I borrowed the van and had to turn the heat on.  I put in on the lowest setting and the noise it made had me choosing to freeze than putting up with it.  Even the steering wheel vibrated. My first thought was, ‘How come Amie didn’t say anything about this? Hasn’t she been using the heat?’  I mentioned it to her again and finally made an appointment to get it looked at.

How is it that when I vacuum, dust or do whatever house chore is allocated to me, my wife always find that barely visible speck on the floor? Or the hint of a stain on the cupboards?  Just two weeks ago, I accidentally spilled some honey.  (Well if you must know, I had an accident and the bottom of the honey blew out and had a spill but nothing like the Exxon Valdez).  I cleaned it up as best I could and gave it the once over because I know she would be inspecting.  Sure enough, as soon as I mentioned what happened, she found some drippings that I had missed.  From that day, traces of honey are found daily in some lurking under a cupboard door, playing hide and seek under the stove etc.  No, I am usually not the one to find them.

I think I am excellent at cleaning the vehicles as I have never once got a ‘Oh there’s still some dust on the dash’ or ‘Ketchup from your whopper is still on the seat.’ Maybe that’s just not as important.

On a side note, I am happy that she my wife has her list of what’s important and I have mine.  I reluctantly concede that her list is more importanter.  (Yes, it’s a word as of now cuz I said so). With both our to-do lists, we get EVERYTHING done.  So note to wife, keep on doing what you’re doing. I’d rather a cold, clunking car than a dirty, honey-stained house.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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One Response to What’s Important To Women Part 1

  1. da wife says:

    geez…..I can’t wait to hear part 2….

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