Is it cold or am I just a wimp?

I am from the Islands. There, that should give you an idea of where I stand on cold temperatures. I don’t do cold.  Period.  Maybe I should have been acclimatized by living here for over twenty years but NO!  Each winter feels like a first experience.  Heck, even those who consider themselves 100% Canadian, complain to me. TO ME! (Wouldn’t that be like me going to Ethiopia and complaining to the locals that I am starving?) So if said Canadians cannot handle their own winters, what makes me so special that I could and should?

To rub insult to injury, I step outside embarrassingly bundled up like the Michelin tire guy only to see every other kid walking around wearing just a hoodie or a light sweater.  Maybe it’s a good thing that my face is covered by a scarf so they have no clue who the wrapped up mummy is.  Kids these days, I tell ya…

My mom is even worse.  I pick her up to go shopping and I don’t recognized the walking bundle of fabric walking towards my car.  She  gets into my heated car with just her eyes showing, wearing long johns, winter boots, touque and a few layers of clothing. I reminded her that she’ll be going from the car to the store and back. Her replies are always ‘You never know’.  She’s right, I never know what that meant.

Maybe I can attribute my trait to her? Well it’s either that or being from warmer climes or both.   For those of you who don’t know, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.  It’s one of the coldest provinces in the world and temperatures in the winter sometimes dips to lows of around -50 degrees celsius.  (I have seen lower).


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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4 Responses to Is it cold or am I just a wimp?

  1. Meig says:

    i’m going to go with – your just a wimp! =)

  2. KatZ says:

    It’s genetics, I am sure. My dad is freezing when he only sees snow out the window, my mom is always to warm… I get the worst from both.. I hate when it’s too hot (from mom) and when it’s too cold (from dad)…

    • Enigma says:

      I have that same experience in my home with my wife. When she’s cold, I’m hot and vice versa. You could be right, probably is genetics. Thanks for the comment.

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