Go Ahead, Make My Day

While driving to work, I was thinking about how happy I was that my two older boys had gotten up just before I walked out the door so I could get my goodbye hugs.  Thinking about that led me to mentally compile a top ten list of the things that bring me genuine happiness and make my day.  I also decided to share it with you.  After all, don’t we all seek happiness and have our own happiness triggers?

The top ten things that make my day are:

1. My wife’s happiness.  

When she’s happy, I feel that all is right with the world.  If she’s not, think of your boss on the warpath.

2. My Boys

Kenyan’s infectious laughter, Mikhail’s antics and Treyton’s award-winning smile are enough to lighten my mood and make my day.  Sometimes when I surprise Kenyan by picking him up from school, the look on his face as he runs out yelling ‘Daddy!’ is priceless.

3. Great customer service experience.

 Having a salesperson go above and beyond to help me, makes my day given how infrequent that is.

4. A song. 

A good song never fails to lift me up.  Waking up to an old favorite brings a smile to my face and prepares me for the day. It usually stay with me throughout the day as well.

5. Having ‘the gang’ over. 

Having my friends over and watching them have fun drinking and laughing gives me a feeling of contentment.  To think, they all took time off from what they had going on just to come hang out with me.

6. Talking to my mom.

 Yeah, I’m a momma’s boy.  I talk to her every day and knowing she’s alive and well makes my day.

7. Blogging.  

Sometimes writing ‘that’ blog can be really uplifting.  Who cares if no one reads it? Just exposing it to the world is good nuff.

8. Freshly baked homemade bread.

I am a self-confessed bread addict so when the wife bakes I am in Bread Heaven.

9. A good breakfast.

Especially with pancakes. I could eat breakfast three times a day and a hearty one usually puts me in a good mood.

10. A morning run.  

Only in the summer though.  The feeling you get after, is incomparable.

Now what makes YOU happy?

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About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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2 Responses to Go Ahead, Make My Day

  1. Your blog made me smile. My family makes me happy, my daughter and her fiance and how they look at each other and can’t stop smiling. My teenage son -how he sings and plays every instrument he touches and how me makes me laugh and my husband who is the best gift God ever gave me. I am blessed. It is nice to read something that celebrates joy. I am also a momma’s girl. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Enigma says:

      Thanks! I am happy that you can relate to my blog! Isn’t it refreshing that when it’s broken down like that, money and possessions do not even make the list? Just the little things.

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