My Wife and The Mechanic

A day after my rant about the poor customer service my wife got from a Chicken Delight  Restaurant, read here, she had to call the garage that we take our vehicle too.  According to her, the owner was a nice old guy with a friendly and honest attitude.  Unfortunately for Mr. C, he had disconnected my passenger side airbag on her last visit to fix something unrelated. This was no biggie as all we had to do was take it back in and get it corrected, or so I thought.

I hovered around her as she spoke to him on the phone and could hear him telling her that he didn’t know how to fix it and trying to weasel out of paying for it to be repaired.  Fresh from the Chicken Delight experience, my blood was boiling. Not again! When she got off the phone, I asked her what Mr. Friendly had to say and she replied that he basically told her that it would be too much for him to pay for and he didn’t know how to fix it and even suggested that maybe it was already broken when we brought it.  That just went and done it!  To give Friendly some credit, maybe he didn’t read my last blog.  Maybe he wasn’t even a blog reader or owned a computer. Or worst yet, maybe like all my friends do, he thought that I was a meek and mild-mannered man without the capacity to get riled up. WRONG!  I was riled up!

Forsaking the supper that my wife was in the process of laying out on the table, I grabbed my coat and car keys and out the door I flew to confront this Friendly guy and mete out justice. Let him know that the gullible woman had a husband who would not be an easy prey.  Sometimes, these people do need to see this and Daddy was in a rush to make him see it.  Plus I had supper waiting for me.

I got there and met the nicest looking old fella you could imagine but I was not blinded by this. I started right away. “We brought out car here and you screwed up our airbags and my wife told me you can’t fix it? It was fine when we brought it in and it has not been working since then and we sure are not going to pay for it!  (Writing it does not do me justice). Mr. Friendly got into the driver seat and turned the car on and looked at the blinking airbag warning light as if he’d never seen it before. “Yeah, it’s not working. I dunno…hmmm…”  He stared blankly for a moment before he switched it off to look at my scowling and impatient face.  “So what are we going to do about it?” I asked nicely and calmly. NOT!  “Well we can’t fix it here but I can send you to this place that can.  Ask for so and so and tell them I sent you and whatever he charges we will pay.”  He still looked charming and in another circumstance, I could see me engaging him in friendly conversation, maybe about aliens or blogging or something but not now. Not now! “Thanks” I uttered, still trying to keep my scowl intact.

While backing out, the wall broke. I caved in. Darn Mr. Friendly, how could I stay mad at him? I poked my head out my window and said, “You are our go-to guy, just so you know”.  The verdict is still out as to the reason and effect of that.  A momentary lapse? I dunno.

The moral of this blog is, the next time you decide to take advantage of my angelic wife or any other woman for that matter, ask her if she’s got a husband first because you never know, he might be a Customer Service Vigilante.

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About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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