The Most Put-Together Mom On The Planet

Stop me if you have heard this before.  My wife is an Angel. Ok so you have? I probably said it in a blog or two before? Sorry, then how about this, my wife is an Alien or a Super Hero.  I have never used any of those before but what else do you call someone who does the things she does, not just once in a while but constantly as part of life?  Her drive, her ability to churn out perfection in everything she does.  Her Midas touch. Her heart of gold.  I could go on and on but then you would go, “Ok, you can stop now Carlos.  We get it.  You have an amazing woman for a wife. She can do everything and anything. Whoop-de-doo.”

Well if that’s how you feel about my tooting my wife’s horn, imagine how you would feel if and when I toot my own horn.  Just kidding, my horn is more of a recorder.  I have nothing to brag about except that I am married to Mrs. Awesome. That’s it, that’s all.  Oh, almost forgot, I am also Daddy to the most awesome and cutest kids in the universe. So other than that, nothing much to see here.

If you are thinking that I am only saying what I am saying because it’s my duty as a husband to sing my wife’s praises, think again.  I don’t ever give praises where it is not due. No matter who the intended recipient is.  As the next paragraph will attest, I am not the only one who is awed by Amie.  Many a guy and gal have been more than impressed with this exceptional woman/mom/wife/student/employee/caterer/social planner/athlete.

Today, my wife got a Facebook message from someone who works at a local television station.  She is the creator of  a new show called ‘Your Busiest Day’. Apparently a mutual friend recommended that she contacted Amie and get her to be a part of the show because as she said he said, “You should get in contact with Amie Walcott. She really is the most put-together mom on the planet. All others (including my wife) envy her and marvel at her energy, organization, and general awesomeness”.

This show would have a camera follow her and chronicle a day in her life.  Is she relishing this? No.  Like every genuinely good person, she hates the spotlight. (Hmm…does this mean I am not a good person then??). I am trying my best to get her to go for her fifteen minutes of fame as she deserves it. Let’s hope she does.  She made me promise that if she accepts, I tell no one about it. It’s a promise that is going to be difficult to keep.

If you know someone who has three kids, (boys to boot), one foster son and an exchange student, completed pre-dentistry, trains and runs marathons while also running a catering business by herself (Had to shut it down as it was getting too successful), runs a home-based business while maintaining a clean and organized household without ever complaining, let them know how great they are. Blog about them. Say something now, don’t leave it for their obituary.

Did I mention she still manages to have time for me? I don’t know how but she does that one as I don’t even have time for me.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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