Daddy and the hockey game

Washington Capitals

ashington Capitals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s NHL Playoffs!  To top it off, The Washington Capitals are right in in the thick of things and have a good chance of winning the cup this year.

I am not sure what turned an island boy, fresh off the boat, into a fan of Ice Hockey.  After all it was played on ice and not only do I hate cold, I also can barely stand with skates on.   My interest in basketball and football pales in comparison although one might have suspected that I would tend to be a bigger fan of those two.  That would be stereotyping by the way…

Anyways, whatever the reason, I am a passionate  fan of NHL hockey.  I love our Winnipeg Jets but my heart is with The Washington Capitals.  My favorite player is Alexander Ovechkin.  (My second son is named after him).   I like his hard nosed style of play and the way he can take it and dish it out.

Being a passionate fan does not mean I have the urge to destroy things or places like those rioters in Vancouver disguised as hockey fans.  My blood pressure is the only thing negatively affected by my hockey devotion.  Oh and also my wife who has to endure Daddy sulking around the house when his team loses.

Trust me, I know that it is just a sport and that I should treat it as such. calm down and relax, I hear that all the time.  I try.  Come on, do you think I enjoy spiking my blood pressure?  I just can’t  help getting into the game way too much.   During game six and seven of the first round of the Caps’ series, I refused to watch the third periods and opted instead to lie down until I was sufficiently calmed down. ( I know, I need help).  At least give me some points here, I never once felt like burning cars, looting or even throwing stuff.

As the Caps prepare to win Lord Stanley’s mug, I am also prepared for whatever may come.  My blood pressure kit would be right beside me.  Go Caps!

Talking about rabid fans, check out the links below.




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I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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