Blackberry Kids

Last Saturday, I took the two older boys to a birthday party for our friend’s son.  He was turning seven.  One boy was dropped off by his mom and before she left I overheard her asking, “Do you have your cell?”  My first thought was, This kid has a cell phone? He hasn’t even finished cleaning up from his 5th birthday party!

Being the overly curious type, I craned my neck to see what kind of phone he was going to take out of his pocket.  It was a blackberry!  Seriously? At my work, only the bosses are allowed to have blackberries as company phones.  I have a company phone and it’s just a basic flip phone.  I have tried to talk my boss into letting me trade up but she wasn’t biting.  Yet here was this kid, fresh out of diapers, sporting a blackberry!  Navigating the apps highway.  Hobnobbing with his bbm friends…

The birthday boy’s mom was apparently having the same thoughts as I caught her eye and her body language said, ‘Are you kidding me?’  I raised my eyebrows at her and my body language replied, “I know! The kid owns a blackberry!”  Then we had cake.

Seriously though, what are your takes on kids owning cell phones?  Especially smartphones with unlimited access to whatever is floating about out there and I’m not talking viruses.  If your kid is never more than a block away from home except when he goes to school, does he really need a cell?  With the texting epidemic that is sweeping the world, what is this preparing him for? At his age, would he really have bbm friends?  I hope not.

Yesterday, while walking the mall, Mikhail, aged 5, asked me, “Daddy, when I am older can you get  me a blackberry?”  I had no clue that he knew what a blackberry was.  Yes son, when you get older.  Much older.

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