A look back on the best day of my life.

On a hot Saturday in Winnipeg, I woke up early, psyched myself up and later got dressed in my Sunday best.  (Rented of course).  With a five man posse made up of my close friends and relatives, I set out to make an honest woman out of my wife.  Oh, and myself too.

Me and my boys getting ready to leave for the church.

My entourage and I were dropped off at The All Saints Anglican Church and sent to wait in a back room.  I felt like we were in detention.  We passed the time by telling stories and jokes to which I laughed nervously, hardly paying attention to what was being said.   Then it was time!  The moment everyone had waited for! Or was it just me? Nah, had to be them too since they were sitting in the hot church sweating like mad, waiting for something to happen.

Father Henry, the presiding priest came to get us from the rectory.  (That’s what they call it, right?)  We walked behind him as he led us to the front of the church.  I could barely look at the guests sitting in the pews, but from the corner of my eye, I recognize a few co-workers, some old friends and lots of family members.

Riding like bosses!

As we stood for what seemed like hours but in reality was probably only ten minutes, I thought of the stories I had heard about grooms passing out.  I thought with my luck, I could very well be the next statistic.  I then vowed not to pass out.  Concentrate Carlos, concentrate!  Focus! 

The strains of Canon in D interrupted my concentration.  What the heck did that song mean again?  Oh yeah!  The bride is finally here!

It’s done and boy am I happy!

I watched as the first bridesmaid walked nervously down the aisle, (Is that up the aisle or down?) then another, then another.  The took up their positions flanking me and opposite my boys.  Then the music changed.  Or did it?  If it did what did it change to? Or did the girls walk up to something else which later changed to Canon in D?  I am not sure anymore.  It’s been a while so gimme a break!  Will have to ask Amie about that one…

So anyways, as the music changed to the song that announced the bride was ready to walk down the aisle. I thought, “Ok, where was she? Where was my wife-to-be?” The front doors to the church, which led directly up the aisle, were thrown open and it so happened that the sun was directly behind her.  This created somewhat of a shadow effect where she was outlined.  My first thought was that she looked like an angel because all I saw was white billowing fabric with a bright light surrounding and creating an angelic silhouette.  It was etched forever in my memory.

My soon-to-be wife slowly came into focus.  Escorted by her dad, who looked like he wasn’t too sure what was going on.  (What else is new?) and her mom, who has never looked better.  They both shared proud looks on their faces as they showed off their daughter to the congregation.

I met them at the last row of pews and took over from there after first kissing her mom and shaking her Dad’s hand as they relinquish all hold of their daughter, to my capable hands.  This was a far cry from giving them cattle or goat.  I would have given the farm but on this day, a handshake and kiss would have to do until my ship comes in.

To make a long blog short, if you love a good romantic story and is still with me, we turned our backs to the guests.  Which coincidentally, is symbolic to the attitude a couple has to take when they become one.  We faced the priest and he did his thing and before I knew what hit me, I was man and she was wife and we were sealing the thing with a kiss! I looked at my new wife with love, respect, pride and happiness.  This was the best day of my life!  After that, I could hardly wait for the day to be over and done with. Everything else was garnish on my plate and I don’t eat garnish.

Yes, there was the traditional partying after, blah blah blah but after the church, I was good to go.

My tired readers who stuck it out till the end, this was seven years ago today.   It seems like it was just yesterday when I saw the angel in the church door.  I got married to that angel, lucky me, and today she’s still an angel.  Like I told her a few days ago, she’s the axis on which my world spins.

Happy Anniversary, Angel!

No words necessary

Here’s my rendition of George Strait’s, ‘I cross my heart’.  It was done for our dance song.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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3 Responses to A look back on the best day of my life.

  1. Israel and Marlena says:

    How special. I wish we were there to help you celebrate that special day! Happy Anniversary to both of you. Carlos you almost made me cry. Good job!

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