No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!

Last Friday, the wife and I had a date night lined up.  I could hardly wait for my shift to be over.   With about two hours left at work, I heard the words that every employee loves to hear on a Friday.  “Leave work now!”  Normally that would get me out of my office faster than it would take Clark Kent to change into Superman,  but this time it wasn’t the voice of my boss but my wife on the other end of the line.  (I guess it was the boss, somewhat).  She also added the words that no parent wants to hear.  “Treyton fell and hit his head.  He does not look good so I am taking him to the hospital”.  She was calling from her mom’s house.  Her mom watches Kenyan and Treyton on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

I had so many  questions but my wife was in a hurry.  But, but, what happened? Wasn’t he supposed to be at your mom’s?  How did you get there? How bad is it? How exactly did he fall? Did his brother do it?  I fought panic and waited for her to quickly explained what had happened.    She continued,  “He was on the bed and somehow fell off and struck the back of his head on the hard floor.  He puked a couple of times and he’s having trouble walking.  Mom called me at work.  Come and get the other boys and get Mikhail off the bus. Call you later, gotta go!” And with that I was left alone with my thoughts.  Is my little one going to be ok?

Her poor mom was the first of my suspects.  How could she allow this to happen?  Wasn’t she keeping an eye on them? Ok, calm down, it’s not her fault.  I bet Kenyan had something to do with this.  They were probably playing and he pushed him off the bedAccidentally of course but still…So many questions…

When Amie got home from the hospital later in the evening, she informed me that Trey had vomited at the hospital but the doctor was not too concerned and basically said he’ll be fine within an hour or so then sent them home.  When she tried to put him down at the door, his knees buckled.  His eyes were out of focus and he had difficulties keeping his head upright.  Then he vomited again and that’s when we both decided it was in his and our best interest to re-visit the emergency.

This time she came back with a better diagnosis.  Not better but more conclusive.  He had suffered a concussion.  This time he looked better.  He still was unable to walk without veering off course but he was talking and making sense.  We decided to cancel our date so we could check him through the night.

It’s easy to laugh and make light about it now but it was no laughing matter watching my two-year old unable to stand on his own and with his head flopping around.  I tell you, it’s scary as all heck.  I wish never to see that again.  I felt helpless. I wanted to blame someone but it was really no one’s fault.  It was an accident.

Trey is no fine and back to being his old self, thank God! He has not shown any lingering effects from his concussion and I hope it stays that way.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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