Conversation with an insurance claims adjuster

Yesterday, I was grilled like a piece of steak, by an insurance claims adjuster.  I had made a claim for damages caused when a recently replaced control arm of our family van broke.  The conversation went something like this:

Adjuster:  So tell me again about the events leading up to this accident

Me:  Are you kidding me? What accident? I know I shouldn’t have come here.  This is stupid.  Ok, like I said we were at a car rally and I was the driver.

Adjuster:  So you said you went to pull away from the curb and then what?

Me: I heard a bang and I thought I’d hit the car in front of me.  I tried to reverse but it wasn’t moving.

Adjuster:  One sec, let me write all this down…

Me:  What are you writing?  There’s nothing to write.  The silly thing just broke and that’s it.

Adjuster:  You also said you were with some women.  What are their names?

Me:  Well don’t make it sound like that.  I wasn’t with some women. I was with my team.  Their names are Linda, Donna and the other I don’t remember.  They work with my wife.

Adjuster:  So we can contact them to verify your story?

Me:  Oh yes, I have nothing to hide.

Adjuster:  Anyone else saw the accident?

Me:  It’s not an accident! Yeah, the other teams heard the bang and looked at me thinking I had also hit the vehicle ahead.

Adjuster:   I see, I see…one sec.  *Types furiously*

Adjuster:  Did your wife hit a curb or been in an accident recently with the van?

Me:  Absolutely not!  We barely drive the vehicle as we work all day. It’s parked at either my work or hers.

Adjuster:  Have you hit a large pothole recently?

Me: Nope.  Nothing unusual.  Now what are you getting at?

Adjuster:  Anyone else other than you and your wife drives the vehicle?

Me:  Nope, we have young kids who are not old enough to drive.  What does this have to do with the arm breaking?

Adjuster:  I see, I see…So you were at a car rally put on by your wife’s work and you went to pull away from the curb and your lower control arm broke.  Is that correct so far?

Me:  Now this is really pissing me off! I am already half an hour late picking up my boys from the sitter and you keep asking me the same dumb questions over and over?  Why don’t you take the claim and shove it! Yes it’s correct.

Adjuster:  And you had this part replaced in May of this year?

Me:  Correct.  Five months ago.  This should not have happened and I’m not paying for this!  Look young fella, it’s not like I even intended to make a claim.  All I wanted was for the garage to fix my vehicle at no cost to me.  I’m not sure how you got involved in all this.

Adjuster:  Understood.

Adjuster:  (Close to an hour later)  Well sir, I will pass this on to the adjuster on your case (What!?  You are not my adjuster? You just wasted my time as the go-between??) and he will decide if we should go ahead.  I can tell him that you seemed honest and I have no reason to doubt your statement.  Have a nice day!

Me:  So much for a 5 minute meeting.  Took me an hour to say ‘my lower control arm broke.‘  Thanks.  Oh and could you please put a rush on that as we are a family of six and we need the van back asap.

Adjuster:  I will, no problem.

The sitter was not too pleased with me when I picked up the boys.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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  1. As it turns out many car insurance companies are using how they handle claims as a competitive advantage… so good for all us drivers. A recent report/study….most drivers feel that they have been treated fairly by Ontario car insurance companies and have been given proper expectations, good communication of steps involved and process from the onset to conclusion of a car accident claim. Auto insurance carriers of Ontario continue to demonstrate that their number one focus is customer service and meeting consumer expectations. More…
    Jon D

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