I Am Sam

Français : Samuel L. Jackson au festival de Ca...

Français : Samuel L. Jackson au festival de Cannes 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life is so unfair.  How did I go from sharing air with the legend Samuel L. Jackson, to be here toiling for my daily bread?  I was standing across from him for goodness sake!  And then, I WAS HIM! Yes, I was his double.  Folks, in case you fell asleep and missed it, we are talking about the world’s highest grossing actor!  I was honored to be offered the role to play his double.

When I walked on the set for the first time, all I wanted was to see this legend.  The man.  The Jedi Master, Jules Winnfield of Pulp Fiction fame.  Come one! Who wouldn’t?  My eyes soon found him and I mentally summed him up.  Hmm…a bit bigger than I expected.  Looks pretty serious.   Oops! He caught me starting at him.  Act normal, Carlos.  Professionalism.

He was a big man but he was no match for our Winnipeg winter and  kept coming into the ‘warm up’ area during his ‘cuts’ to keep his blood from turning to ice in his veins.  Oh wait a minute, I thought he had ice running through his veins…  While he was thus engaged, I had nothing to do so I was also in the ‘warm up’ area helping myself to whatever dainties were available to us celebs.  I noted his every entrance and thought of sneaking in a cell phone pic but didn’t dare risk it.

Enough about Samuel.  For two days, I had my very own trailer with room service.  Knock! Knock!  Would you like soup?  I didn’t like some but I had to say yes.  We have to keep the peons employed too.  Plus, I didn’t want to be labeled a diva.

It wasn’t all eat and rub shoulders with the high-ups.  No sir.  I had to do Sir Jackson’s dirty work.  Like drag dead bodies across lots and do his driving parts…you know, the menial things you won’t expect him to do.  The dirty work.  I didn’t like it but I did it.  So you make the big bucks and I do the grunt work eh Jacko?  You lazy so and so!  Nick Fury my ass!

Then I woke up.  Literally.  I woke up and went to work.  My day job.  Yep, someone had to bring home the bacon.  Two days of being a pampered Sam was enough.  I also had enough bragging rights to last me a life time.  Now back to my wife and kids.  Oh and work.  Yes work.

Life is so not fair…

Note:  Home Alone 5 airs on ABC on Sunday, November 25th,  at 7pm.  Check it out, you just might see daddy.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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2 Responses to I Am Sam

  1. Marlena says:

    Very cool Carlos. How fun!!

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