Mighty Neighborly Neighbors

This morning, while trying to back out of my garage, I lost what little concentration I had (Not sure how much concentration it takes to do that) and backed the car off the edge of the driveway.  In so doing, I got hopelessly stuck in a snow bank.

After trying with my wife to get the darn thing moving, we had to call on the neighbors.  Dwayne was in his pj’s when he came to the door.  He assured me that he would be out in a few minutes and he was.  Unfortunately, the situation was too much even for him.  He promised to get it out by day’s end which was not soon enough for me. Because Amie was using the van to go to work, I had no means of transportation.  My neighbors immediately had an answer.  “Take my wife’s car.”  Dwayne suggested.  Although I came up with excuses why I didn’t want to or shouldn’t, he insisted and I was never one to look a gift horse in its mouth so I took it.

Now in my blog, ‘So you want to build a new house? Read this‘ I blogged about some unpleasant surprises that come with building a new house.  I forgot to mention something very important that could also make or break the excitement and euphoria of living in a brand new house.  Neighbors.

With the right neighbors, your experience could be beautiful.   Neighbors can help you cope with your ‘surprises’ and have helpful suggestions too.  We are lucky to be flanked by two of the best neighbors one could wish for.  We don’t have to ask them for help, they ask us if they could help.  They are simply awesome.  (Well seriously, how man neighbors would actually loan their car out?).

When we were building, a friend stressed the importance of getting the driveway widened.  We tried but the contractor wanted us to pay the extra in cold hard cash.  So we declined.  And regretted it since.  With the extra width, I would not be here blogging about getting stuck.  (I guess at least it gave me a chance to recognize our neighbors).  So if after mulling over the advantages and disadvantages you still want to build, make sure you discuss the wider driveway, you won’t regret it and your neighbors will thank you for not interrupting their sleep-in time.

Kudos to great neighbors!


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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