One Weird and Zany Family

Anyone who have had the pleasure of being at our house and spending some time with us  would agree that we are one crazy family.  Not crazy in a bad way, crazy in a happy way.  Actually let’s use zany instead of crazy.  My editor told me that crazy is not politically correct anymore.  But anyways, the Walcotts’ house is a mad zany house.  And that will explain why I allowed my kids to sign me up to play the lead role in their weird bedtime routine.

A couple of months ago,  after tucking the boys in for the night, I was leaving their bedroom when the urge to dance hit me.  Not one to fight or argue with urges, I caved in, much to their delight.  The next night I was asked to dance instead of just walking out their room.  After a few such nights, they decided it would be even more fun if they joined me, so they got out of their beds and formed a line behind me and together, we danced down out the door. It defeated the purpose of me tucking them in but whatever makes them happy and like I said, we are a crazy zany family.

Well the congo line is now a regular bedtime routine with daddy and the boys.  (Mommy is zany too but she draws the line at some things).  We would take turns on who gets to lead, then the line would snake down the hallway, to the steps, then back to their bedroom.  Without curtains on the upper windows, anyone can see us from outside.  I can imagine their thoughts.  “That’s one loony family!”

Do I feel silly? Heck no!  On my wrist, I wear a rubber band given to me by Kenyan, my 4-year old.  On it are the faces of the Avengers.  I wear it everywhere.  When he gave it to me he said,  “Daddy, wear this so you can always think of us.”  He checks in regularly too.  “Daddy, did you think of us today?”  He would ask when I get home from work or after being out.  I don’t feel silly one bit.  I wear it proudly.  These silly little things go by fast and they are the things I will miss as they get older so I might as well enjoy them.

So, do you have some pent-up zany tendencies in you and want to get them out?  It could be singing, playing or just acting silly.  If so, come on over, we would be happy to have you and there’s always room for another congo-liner.  We are weird and zany but we are also happy.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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2 Responses to One Weird and Zany Family

  1. Memories by Me Photography says:

    Very Cool! My husband wears a home-made bracelet out of string that has the words Dad crafted on it. Made by our youngest son a year ago. It’s tattered and the letters have worn off, but he wears it proudly too. I always think it must look funny at those business meetings when he’s all dressed up in a suit with a bunch of other stuffed shirts, but he doesn’t care. That’s what makes him a great Dad! Kudos to you for being zany. Your kids will remember the “dance” forever. 😉

    • Enigma says:

      That’s what make great Dads. Not the toys we buy them but the zany things we do with and for them. Thanks for reading and commenting. Seems like your kids have a great Daddy as well!

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