Making The Man Cave – Part Two

When I last updated the finishing of my our basement, also known as the man cave, we had just finished framing and was running the electrical. Well the cable running is all done and we are just finishing up with putting up the drywall.We were going at a moderate to slow speed, taking a week off here and there.  Then we got an email telling us that we would be having an International student at the end of January.  (We are also host parents).  Well since then, we have been going at a break-neck pace.  Last Sunday, I spent 12 hours working down in the cave.  After work, I would head down there for another 5 hours.  I am literally turning into a caveman.

Through it all, it has been fun and I keep telling Amie that I would actually miss working on it once it is finished.  Maybe I am becoming obsessed…  Her dad is off work for the winter and he lends himself to us quite often.  Sometimes this is not a good thing as he can be  difficult to work with but all in all, his help is very much appreciated and most times, he’s a welcome pair of extra hands.  (More about him later in another blog).

Amie did an awesome job of actually designing the layout of the Cave. She must be commended also for laying out and framing  a nice looking entertainment center.  What about me?  Well I’ve been holding my own also.  I have wired up our home theater and doing a lot of the dry-walling, especially the window sills where I seem to be a specialist.  Amie thinks I maybe have found my niche as a drywaller as I obviously enjoy doing it and do a not-too-bad of a job.

So far, we have saved ourselves a lot of money by doing the labor ourselves, even with little or no experience.  We hired an electrician to basically consult with us.  He was nice enough to only charge us for his gas to get to our place.  Tomorrow, a friend will show us mudding and taping techniques then we are on our own.   The only job we are not attempting is the ceiling.

We have both learned a lot from working on the cave and sometimes wished we could start all over again from scratch and correct the little mistakes we made.  It would probably take us half the time too.

Progress photos to follow.


Making The Man Cave



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I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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