Our Kijiji Experience and Smiling Pedro

th (2)Some people are leery about using the buy and sell site, Kijiji.  I am not.  Or should I say we are not.  Amie and I use the site with reckless abandon and until our last encounter, happy to brag about our experiences.


During our recent man-cave basement renovation, we hired some consultants as we prefer call them, as we used them more for their brains than their brawn   It was less costly and we learned a lot.  Plus we get to say we did it ourselves.  First was the plumber, Travis.  A hard and honest worker who let us use his tools as we worked beside him.  He was proud to show us the ones that he cherished.  He lost a couple points for making promises he couldn’t keep.  Then came  Jerett the electrician.  Could this get any better?  His initial quote made me laugh as it was way beyond what we intended or were going to pay.  In the end he agreed that we could just cover the cost of his gas to come to our house.  Yes, that’s all!  And man was he ever at our beck and call.  Late evenings, weekends, whatever, whenever.  Amie, the softhearted woman that she is, broke the agreement and paid him more than he asked for.  Sorry, but I would not have.  We are trying to save on the reno, not throw money away.  One of her delicious meals, or maybe a couple, would have been good enough, don’t you agree?elect

Rick took over our mudding and taping after we decided it wasn’t for us.  It was a close race between him and Jerett.  Rick said he would be there at 8:00am and he was.  He stayed until the bitter end.  Rick was a talker so I had to stay upstairs while he worked or he would talk my ears off.  During one of our conversations, we found out we ran in the same circle.  Knew a lot of the same people.   By the time he was done, I knew all about Rick’s life.  What a character!


We hired an older guy named Jeff to hang doors.  We had to as he quoted us on the mudding and taping and he was so cute we felt bad not going with him.  We had to find something for him to do.  Well it was Amie’s idea.  Her and her soft heart again.

th (3)

I was doing good!  A good founder of people.  I was proud and bragged to Amie, “Jeez, I have found some good people on Kijiji eh?”  Then came Pedro to quote us on our carpet installation.  He was all smiles as he told me that his first priority was making sure the customer was happy. I want this guy!  And I got that guy!  Potentially dismissing some ‘Jeretts and Ricks’ in the process.

When Pedro told us to rent a kicker, I should have been warned, but noooo, he was smiling when he said it.  And what a cute and disarming smile it was.  So much so that we agreed to rent the basic tool that every carpet layer should have or have access too.  We thought nothing of it.  Pedro had a small problem also. He didn’t own a watch or clock.  Well he couldn’t have as he was always late.  Or maybe he was on island time.  But he still kept smiling.


Pedro took almost a week to complete the installation as he was always late to arrive and early to leave.  Because of this, he had to put in a long day on the final day which was Sunday.  He came right after church and went home close to 10pm.  Yes, he attendes church!  A smiling christian!  I knew there was a reason I liked this guy…

I went down to look at the carpet when he was almost done and noticed that the seams where the two pieces meet were still visible.  I told him my concern and he assured me it was nothing that a good vacuuming wouldn’t fix.  It didn’t

I sent smiling Pedro a text message.  In it, I smilingly wrote (Yes, I can smile with the best of them.) that I came to my senses and think he should be paying to get his job finished and reimburse me for renting his tools for him.  I told him that we were not satisfied.  I was nice and never lost my smile.

His response?  He apologized profusely and I could almost see the smile in his text.

Oh, know what else he later added? He told me that in the future, I should not look on Kijiji if I want quality work.  What a guy.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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