So, You Still Want To Build? Final Episode

Basement reno with the in-law

Basement reno with the in-law

It’s been nine months now since we have been living in our newly built home.  During that time, we have installed shelves in our garage, re-painted, spent a fortune on window coverings and completed the basement, adding two bedrooms, a washroom, rec area and a bar.  Our job is far from over as we still have to build a deck, landscape, widen our driveway and build a fence.  And you thought it was easy.  Unfortunately, it’s not at all like buying a new car.

Within the first few months, earth movement has caused some cracks to suddenly appear  the house.  Ceilings, corners and even just along the walls.  Our counters have moved away from the walls by as much as half inches!  At first it was disheartening and fearful to see but it is also covered in our one-year home owners warranty.  Yes, one full year.  How generous of them.  Coincidentally, our brand new car which costs a mere fraction of what we paid for the house, comes with a 5-year comprehensive warranty.  If it develop cracks in five years, we take it in.

When we moved in, our house had markers indicating where our boundaries were.  These markers were removed by our builders when they landscaped.  Yes, by the builder.  Because we need to know where our boundaries were to put up our fence, we contacted the builders to get them to remark our lines.  No can-do.  We need to cough up $800 to get the city to do it.  As if a few hundred thousand dollars weren’t enough…Silly me!  I thought that all that money paid for such hidden services.  And that’s the kind of service many of us have come to expect from the people who built our homes.  Reminiscent of use car salesmen, isn’t it?

If you are still debating whether to build or buy a previously enjoyed home, feel free to use my experience as a guide.  Know too that we do enjoy living in a home that we not only had input in designing but also worked on also.  There’s some satisfaction to be gained in that.  We love, well at least I do, when we take our friends down to the basement that we built and get the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’.  We love the house and so far the projects have made for good bonding between me and Amie.  We probably wouldn’t want it any other way.

Note:  The builders wanted $40,000 to finish our basement.  Doing it ourselves?  $9000.  Before this, neither of us had any building experience, except in the sandbox but we still managed to even do the electrical work and passed inspection.



Amie designed this unit while I did the framing

2013-01-31 20.19.47

I did all the pot lights


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