And Another Crazy Weekend

2013-06-08 08.59.06Saturday morning we had to wake up early to take part in a fun run organized by my work.  Amie and Azur were running the 10k, Alex, our international student from Belgium, was running in the 5k and the boys were walking the 3k with me. The event was called, ‘Sweatin’ to the 80s’ and dressing fittingly was suggested.

Amie and I tried to prep 3 year-old Treyton before race day.  We knew he could be very temperamental, especially when walking for too long.  I thought of taking the wagon but decided against it.  I didn’t want to encourage the boys to fight over who gets pulled along. I also didn’t relish the idea of pulling it either.  One of my co-workers brought a wagon for his two kids who are older than my boys and they sat in it the whole time.

Treyton is ready to go!

Treyton is ready to go!

The walk started ok.  The boys ran ahead while I hurried to catch up.  That didn’t last long and I could see Treyton was slowly losing his mojo.  He fell and skinned his knee so I held his hand and walked with him.  He fell and skinned his knee. Yes, again.  Yes, while I was holding his hand.  In the end, he fell about three times.  His poor knees.  I ended up carrying him a few times.  Maybe I should have brought that wagon...I carried him to within a few yards of the finish line then let him walk the rest.  He immediately took off giving everyone the impression that he walked like that the entire distance as he crossed the finish line.

We did not come home empty handed as Azur actually won the 10k in a time of 44 minutes!  It was also his first time competing in any race.  He didn’t train either!  Participants’ names were put in a draw and Treyton won a Nikon camera!  I can’t believe I thought we should have left the little guy at home.  Bad Daddy!

2013-06-09 08.10.04

Our new cool camera, thanks to Treyton. Daddy owes you one, son.

2013-06-08 10.56.47

Proud moment with the gold!

After the race, we hurried to take Mikhail to his soccer tournament, already in progress.  It was an all day affair where he had to play three games but he missed the first one.  We spent the better part of the afternoon there, came home, took a nap and started working on our backyard shed.  We stopped at around 9pm, tired and beat.

2013-06-08 11.36.23

Yesterday morning, we had tickets for a pancake breakfast but we decided against it, opting instead to continue working on the shed.  After 5 hours, we pulled up again.  Shed almost completed but not quite.

2013-06-08 19.24.022013-06-09 13.03.05

Now don’t you just love insane weekends like these?


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I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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