Another Milestone!

Yeah boy!

Yeah boy!

Yesterday marked another milestone in the Walcott family. Kenyan, our second son, said goodbye to preschool in a graduation ceremony.  He is excited and can’t wait to attend the same school as his big brother, Mikhail.  Although Treyton was also a part of the graduating class, his was just for show as he’s spending another year in preschool.  I am not sure that he actually understands this as yet.

At the graduation, Treyton was very moody and grimaced and scowled his way through the proceedings.  He took his hat off, hugged his brother and covered his face.  When it was time for pictures, he could not be coerced into cracking a smile for the cameras.  Maybe he actually did understand that he wasn’t the one graduating and come next school year, would not have the company of his brother.

It’s amazing how fast the kids grow up, isn’t it?  From the fragile little things in a crib to graduation.  Next thing you know, I’ll be blogging about high school graduation.  The years do go by fast and yes, we have to enjoy these formative years as much as we can.  Can’t be stressed enough.

Even though preschool grad doesn’t carry as much weight as its counterparts, you couldn’t tell from the big smiles on the faces of parents, grandparents and family members.  Cameras were going as though a celebrity was in the house.  Everyone was beaming.  Nana, (My mom) and Amie’s parents were also in attendance and were no less enthusiastic.  They made sure that they were photographed with the stars of the day. Here are some photos of the proud graduates.

Treyton in one of his better photos

Goodbye big brother!

Goodbye big brother!


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