Daddy vs Mommy Parenting

photo2On Saturday, it was really a stay-in-your pajamas type of a day.  So while mommy went to work, the boys and I stayed in our nighttime attire.  By late afternoon they were getting a bit antsy so I sent them out in the backyard.  Still in their pj’s.

When mommy got home, she looked at the boys with their grass-stained pajamas and said, “Why did daddy let you guys go out like that?”  I nonchalantly replied that it was not a big deal and that they were only there for a short while.  “It doesn’t matter.” She said.  “They shouldn’t go out to play in their pj’s”

On Friday while driving home, I got a call from Azur asking if he could bring his girlfriend over for a short while after school as they were going to hang out and wanted to come by and eat first.  My response? “OK’. Yes, just that.  Apparently, that made his girlfriend’s day.

apparently, Azur had texted Amie earlier and asked if he could skip a class so he could help his girlfriend move.  Amie said no, rightly so, as he had too many misses already and was playing catch-up with his school work. His girlfriend was sad and so for his next favor, he decided that I would be the go-to guy.  My ‘OK’ apparently put her in a better mood.

Mommy and I had an engagement planned for Saturday evening and as we got ready to go out, Mikhail and Kenyan loitered around and asked jokingly if Amie could put some of her makeup on them.  Mommy was quite happy to oblige, applying lipstick, makeup and eye shadow to their faces.  I looked at them in confusion wondering to myself how it was bad to send them out in pajamas but quite acceptable to turn them into mini drag queens.


Now there’s nothing wrong with playing dress up, even if it’s in the attire of the opposite sex. Heck, I wore dresses to bed as a kid living in St. Vincent,  so I am not worried about the boys’ masculinity being threatened.  But daddy and mommy sure has separate agendas on parenting, don’t they?  But mommy sure needs a little girl…


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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