Wimpy Daddy Braved Cold To Attend Son’s Christmas Concert

imagesYesterday, it being the Christmas season and all, my 5-year old had his school Christmas concert.  And yes, it’s a Christmas concert, not a holiday concert.  We are celebrating Christmas here, not a holiday.  But anyways, pardon the digression, the kid chose one of the coldest evenings to have his concert!  With the windchill it was close to minus 40!!!  Ok, he didn’t exactly have any say on when his concert should take place, but still…

I got home with my extremities semi frozen, only to be reminded by the wife that Kenyan had his concert in a couple of hours.   I sure didn’t look forward to venturing back out.  I admit that I am maybe a bit on the wimpy side when it comes to cold but -40 temperatures make me proud to say I am a wimp.  I really did not want to get back out there, concert or not, son or not.  Bad Daddy right there eh?

But I went.  I even got there 45 minutes early on the wife’s insistence, so as to beat the lineup and get a close parking.  Well it seemed like my wife must have either told everyone else the same thing or their wives told them the same thing.  The closest parking was a block away.  Walking a  block in -40 temps is like putting your hand in fire for 1 second.  At least to me.  I circled the block like a bird of prey just in case there was an unused spot closer to the school.  Of course there wasn’t.  So I hurried back to the spot a block away, thanking goodness that it was still there waiting for me.

The gym was packed!  So much for being 45 minutes early.  I managed to get two seats for me and the other two boys in the second to last row.  Good thing I bought my lap with me.  It sure came in handy.  From our less-than-vantage point, we could barely see anything.  It was like watching a chess match played inside a stadium.  Ok, maybe that’s pushing it a bit but you get the general idea.

You know what I thought as I looked around at the faces of the parents, grandparents etc?  I thought, “Man it’s a good thing I braved the cold, I would have been the only MIA parent.”  Who cares if I could see Kenyan or not? The point was that I was in the crowd rooting for him.  It didn’t matter that he was mad at me at the end of the night because I sat on the wrong side and missed his entrance and exit.  It didn’t even matter that he compared me with mommy, who saw the show earlier and according to him, was smart enough to sit on the right side to see him.  No, it didn’t matter.  What mattered was that Daddy braved the cold to see his boy on stage.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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