When The Wife Says Let’s Go Shopping.

images“Let’s go shopping for some countertops.” She said, and your eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning.  Your internal tail wags like a hungry dog seeing its owner in the morning. Before you start salivating, it’s not the kind of shopping you have in mind.  Something you need to know, when your wife or girlfriend asks you to go shopping for house stuff, they already know what they are getting.  They have already browsed flyers and online stores and have made their decisions.  If it’s grocery shopping, then you are the muscle or babysitter.

So into the store you go, oozing manliness.  In a suddenly deepened voice, loud enough to be overheard by those around you, you go, “Hmm…honey, how about that laminate that looks like granite?  That would complement the room very well.”  Yeah.  You got your two cents in alright.  But she was ready for you.  “Yes, it’s not too bad but it’s just not right.  How about this one? I so love this color.  Could you just imagine the basement bar with this.”  If you are a good husband, you share her excitement.  You’d better! Even though you winced when she called your Man Cave a ‘basement bar’.

Well that was a good shopping experience.  It doesn’t have to be countertops.  It could be appliances, furniture, whatever.  Your women need your input as much as you need theirs to decide what beer you should drink.  Honey, what’s my beer of choice again?  Don’t fool yourself.  Just watch that man-cave project turn into a labor of love with your darling putting her personal touch on the bulk of the love.  “It’s going to look so good when we are done with it.  Can’t wait for our friends to come over.”  Inside you do slow burn.  Our friends?  I was kinda thinking of making it my own.  It’s a MAN CAVE not a family cave.  You can entertain your friends upstairs while I hang out with the guys in the MAN CAVE.   But you smile instead of voicing objections because you are a wonderful husband.

“Honey, let’s go look at vehicles!”  she says. Not so fast buddy, the wife already has her eyes and mind set on that little Volkswagen you hate so much.  And silly you thought you were getting that Ford F150 truck finally.   But go along for the ride anyways.

Disclaimer:  Honey, if you read this, it’s not personal.  It’s loosely based on real events in a  humorous way.  I still enjoy shopping with you, or should I should tagging along with you while you shop?


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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2 Responses to When The Wife Says Let’s Go Shopping.

  1. Denise Gillen says:

    LOL! Cute! I was going to say, your shopping for house stuff already? Your bar is done, your house is new!!! LOL! How was your day off?

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