April Fools’ Fail

wpid-20140401_114917.jpgI had a few tricks planned today for April Fools’ day but as I went through the list I had second thoughts.  I thought of the various pranks and the thought of tricking someone did not appeal to me.  I couldn’t bear to stand to see the gullible looks on their faces as I rope them in.  I’m too nice.

At work, the ‘too nice’ disappeared and I looked around for prank ideas. Nothing too startling as I work with a few fuddy duddies who would fail to see the humor in my turning their drinking water red.  But I had to salvage the day just to say I did.  Settling for something innocent, I filled up the coffee filter with coffee mixed with a generous heaping of sugar, hidden underneath of course.  Take that! Only one person noticed this daring prank and he observed that the coffee tasted good.  So much for that.  What a waste of a good trick!

For simplicity, I tried the sugar trick later once again, adding about half a cup of sugar to some unsuspecting co-worker who dared to leave his cup of coffee lying around.  He announced that his coffee was very sweet but it did not stop him from drinking it.  My gosh! Do I ever suck at this!

For my last trick up my sleeve, I decided to stick with the coffee pranks.  I added coffee whitener to the sugar dispenser.  Lots of whitener, blended it right in there.  I watched with a devilish anticipation as the first sucker came to get his coffee fix.  He poured in my concoction then reached for the container of coffee whitener and…and…added it.  Then he….oh yeah baby! Here it comes!  He drank it all!  Not while standing there but  you got the point.  I sucked at this game!  I should have changed my Facebook status to ‘single’ or ‘It’s complicated’ or maybe announced that we were expecting or something. 

My brother on the other hand was on the ball. He called my mom telling her that the volcano in St. Vincent had erupted and it was chaos on the island.  She called me in a panic, “Carlos!  Did you hear that the volcano has exploded? Everyone’s walking around with masks as the island is covered with ash!”  As I was about to open up my browser to investigate, I remembered what day it was.  “What day is today, Mom?” I asked casually.  “Oh sh**! He got me!”  She managed to say while cracking up with laughter.  At least someone got somebody…


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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