50th Birthday Surprise! Suprise!

I like surprises as much as I like getting older. Having a surprise party to mark my 50th milestone was not something I thought I could and would enjoy or condone but there I was smack dab in the middle of one, thrown quite expertly by my wife the past Saturday evening.

Most of my close circle of friends and family were there, waiting for me in my backyard as I unsuspectingly went back there after coming home from picking my mom up to spend the evening with us.  I should have suspected something when the boys practically dragged me from the car to show me a soccer play in the backyard.

My brother and his family along with mutual friend Henry were there from Toronto.  But how could they?  They just got back from vacationing in Hawaii!  Henry made an awesome batch of Jamaican jerk chicken.  Peter and his wife Anna were there too along with their two kids.  Not to be outdone, Peter had made his famous, tasty but potent alcoholic concoction.  Larry was on barbecue duty and was flipping burgers and smokies like a pro.  Ross our friendly neighbor who was like family now, Tonya and Randy across the street were there too with their kids.  They even got me a gift card for liquor!  Josette? But she was supposed to be at her weekend spot, her lake.  And Denise? Thought she had plans today?  Ivan, Jaqueline, Alanna, Tia, The Jones family who have never been to my new place, Denise and Clint, and many more. They were all there with big smiles on their faces.  For me.  Hey, I could work with this 50 thing!  I was lost for words. How the heck did you all get here and how did Amie pull it off?

I wasn’t about to be a stick in the mud and mope around bemoaning the fact that now everyone knew I was officially an old man. I jumped right in and enjoyed a great time mingling and sharing stories with friends and family.  I found out that my very concerned mom almost blew the surprise because she was concern that my heart would not be able to withstand the shock.   Mom! Seriously?

I know I blogged on my birthday about turning fifty and you got the impression that I was cool with it and everything, well I really wasn’t.  I was just accepting it and putting on a brave face. After Saturday, I felt much better. I never knew that so many cool people were over fifty! I was welcomed by them to their 50 club and I gladly accepted. I never knew turning 50 was not a big deal and no one really cared if I was 50 or 30.

Daddy went to sleep about 4am, tired but happy.  With the help of great friends and family, I was finally able to accept 50 with grace.

The loot




About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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