My Kids Are Just Too Nice For Their Own Good

We had our kids’ parent teachers meeting last week and as suspected, the teachers had glowing remarks about the two older boys. “Absolutely angel”, said one.  “So well-behaved.”  Their one knock?  They are so well-behaved that they would not dare to go above and beyond what they were asked.  You want me to jump 2 feet high? I will, even though I could triple that. 

At skating lessons, Mikhail and Kenyan would stand in their spots and wait for the instructor to call their names for the next drill.  While the other kids are trying out their skates, moving around and falling,  my boys would stand like soldiers on inspection day. Through the glass I would signal for them to move.  Get moving!  Come on!

Swimming lessons, same thing.  When they are done their drills, it’s back to base.  The other kids would be bobbing and trying to swim while Mikhail and Kenyan stand in their spots shivering. Again I would signal for them to at least bob around to keep from getting cold.  At least get the water above your shoulders!

Even playing soccer they would be too nice, especially Mik.  He is quite the fast runner but on the field, he holds back, not wanting the opponent to look bad. He runs just fast enough that he’s beaten to the ball. He would gingerly try to take the ball away, sticking his leg out carefully so as not to hurt the other kid.  What happened to the kid who knocks me over on his way to scoring a goal when we play soccer?

While I am liking the feedbacks, I wish they were at least a little more like the kids I know at home.  You know the ones who are outspoken and tough.  As for 4 year-old Treyton,  he’s the not-so-nice one.  Yes!



About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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