Son, ignore the lyrics and dance your little heart out!

On Wednesday, I took Kenyan to his first break-dance class.  As it was his first, I decided to stick around. Ok, I lied, I didn’t want to stick around, I wanted to leave, go shopping, wash the car, have a coffee, then go back and get him but the other kids’ parents were all bent on staying so who was I to buck the trend? How bad of a parent would I seem if I left my 6 year-old in the care of a break dancing teenager? So I reluctantly gladly stayed.

The dance instructor was good at break dancing but I’m not sure if he was good at teaching how to break dance, but who cares? The kids were having fun and seemed to like it.  On the sidelines, I was bobbing and rocking the heavy rap beat of the music.  Until I heard it.  The ‘N’ word.  There it was again! The ‘N’ word and the ‘A’ word. I looked around uneasily at the other parents to see if they too heard it but they seemed oblivious. So I ignored it.

Unfortunately, it was the only song the instructor was going to use so I had to endure it over and over and over again. ‘N’ word, ‘N’ word, ‘A’ word, ‘N’ ‘A’…By now I was debating whether or not to stop the class. “Hey dude! Your song is inappropriate for the kids! Turn it off! I’m taking my son home, you classless punk!” But I didn’t. I decided to see him about it at the end of class.

I quickly became desensitized and was double thinking by decision. Plus, the other parents were still in a fog. Probably couldn’t understand a word of the song anyways. Then Mikhail interrupted my thoughts. “Daddy, the song has bad words!” “What! Where? Who…?” Mik pointed out the instances in the song that had the questionable words. “What should I do Mik?” I asked. “Do you think I should tell him about it?”  He nodded “Yes, it’s not good for the kids.”

And that’s why at the end of the class I approached the break dancing teenager-instructor and suggested he previewed his music before playing them at his class. He took it well and Mik and I felt better for having instructed the instructor. Oh, he also added that he chose the music while in school and never really got a chance to listen to it completely. tut tut little man. A good teacher plans his lessons and saves himself from looking like a fool.


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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