My Crazy Saturday

Today was crazy!  With 3 young boys, chaos is the norm in my household.  With 3 young boys in sports, this chaos takes on a whole new meaning.  Take this morning for instance…

Kenyan had an 8:15am hockey practice but needed to be at the rink at 7:45. Mikhail had his first hockey game in the south end of the city at 11am but had to get there an hour early.  Treyton, not to be outdone, also had an indoor soccer game starting at 10:45am.  This was at the northern part of the city.  To make it chaotic, the wife had to be out of town so I was on my own.

We were all up at 6:30.  Our 15 year-old International student, Hanna, offered to come with us to help out.   We got to the first rink on time and without incident.  Well almost without incident.  While there, Mikhail realized he did not bring his game jersey so I went back home and got it.  Good thing the practice was a few blocks from home.  I left Hanna and Mikhail to watch Kenyan while Trey and I went to retrieve the forgotten item.  Later in the afternoon, I also had to take Hanna to Amie’s aunt’s place.  Her aunt was taking her to her first ever football game.

As soon as Kenyan’s practice was over, I literally snatched him off the ice and whisked him in and out of the change room, then took off to Mikhail’s game.  The venue was very close to where my mom lived so I to picked her up on the way so she could provide some adult supervision and assist Hanna who agreed to stay with Mik while I get Trey to his soccer game.  One parent seeing my plight or maybe the stress on my face, offered to help him with his gear.  I grabbed Treyton and ran!

We made it on time.  It was definitely a coffee morning but I just couldn’t fit it into my schedule.  No time to stand in line or wait in a Saturday morning drive thru.  Treyton played a heck of a game and I was settling into the tail end of my stressful day.  His game ended 15 minutes earlier than Mikhail’s was scheduled to end but the drive to Mik’s game was about 20 minutes.  I grabbed him like a kidnapper as soon as he stepped off the field and made a mad dash to the change room.  “Just your shoes, we have no time!” I ordered.  I was doing good for time until the water bottle.  He couldn’t find it!  We finally did find it but it was broken!

While driving, I decided to call the wife to check in.  She informed me that her cousin had called and needed me to get Hanna to her house at 1:30pm so they could catch the game bus.  Too bad I didn’t know this before or I would have gotten the girl to dress in her game clothes as the cousin’s house was 3 minutes away from where she was watching Mikhail’s game.

Back to my house, back to the south end of the city then back to my house for the final time.  2:15pm!  Ahhh…coffee!

And a blog!


About Enigma

I am just a normal guy with an abnormal way of thinking. Proud father to three remarkable boys and devoted husband to an angelic wife who knows everything and does everything to perfection. So I am BLESSED!
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