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My Son Wants To Marry Rihanna. But He’s Only Six!

#452055161 / Yesterday, I turned on the television which was left on a music channel, Rihanna’s video was playing.  She looked quite um…er…nice as she performed one of her hits, dressed quite comfortably and swaying to the beat.  Kenyan, … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday: America’s Funniest Home Videos

This morning, all five of us cuddled in our king-sized bed bought for that primary reason, and watched a taped episode of AFV.  I am either getting old (Insert sad face) or maybe I was just watching with my parent … Continue reading

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What Happened In Vegas

Ok, you don’t really think I am going to chronicle my weekend in Vegas, did you?  You think I’m dumb?  Don’t answer that. My nephew turned 21 years old this month and we all know what that means.  Legal everywhere! … Continue reading

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Confessions Of A Photo Double

When I took the job of being a photo double for Mr. Sam, I was actually excited for the change of pace.   Away from home at nights, no more bedtime routine for a few weeks, spending alone time in … Continue reading

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I Am Sam

Life is so unfair.  How did I go from sharing air with the legend Samuel L. Jackson, to be here toiling for my daily bread?  I was standing across from him for goodness sake!  And then, I WAS HIM! Yes, … Continue reading

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Look out Samuel Jackson, Here I come!

Background acting sure has its perks.  After a couple of years of toiling in the trenches, I’ve finally hit pay dirt, so to speak.  No, I’m not going to Hollywood. I only wish.  I am not starring or playing a … Continue reading

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Halloween at The Walcotts Again!

On Saturday, a collection of famous people convened at our house.  Dexter, Robin Hood,  Mrs. Roper, Cat Woman…even the Devil showed up, accompanied ironically by an Angel. It was  our 10th Anniversary Halloween Party and we also used the occasion as a … Continue reading

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Mik is six!

Well how time flies.  Mikhail, our first son, turns six years old today.  It really does not seem that long since we brought him  home from the hospital, but it is. Mik has been everything we could have wished for … Continue reading

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Movie Date With Bed Bugs

My wife and I are not regular movie goers and considering our less-than-pleasing experience last night, we are going to be even more irregular. I wanted to see The Avengers movie for some time and my wife agreed to accompany … Continue reading

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Goodbye Desperate Housewives

Last night my wife and I sat with my mom to watch Desperate Housewives as we have done for the last year or so.  Except this time it was different, this would be the last time we shared in the … Continue reading

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