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Watching what I eat

Everyone seems to be watching what they eat these days.  “Wow girl! You looking fantabulous! What have you been doing baby?”  “Oh just watching what I eat…” Well not wanting to be left out, I jumped on the Watching-what-I-eat bandwagon.  … Continue reading

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Unfriending Facebook Friends Day

While talking to myself recently, we both decided it was time to clean up my 700 plus Facebook friends.  After all, do I even know that many people? If somehow I did, how many of them would I even call … Continue reading

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The Purse

Have you ever looked in your wife’s or girlfriend’s purse? Heck, if you are a woman, have you ever looked in your own purse?  Well I have, (No, not looked in your purse, my wife’s) and I wished I didn’t. … Continue reading

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Home Alone 5, Starring Daddy The Silent Extra

Ok I know what you are thinking, oh no not another one! Kill it already!  I understand. I agree with you, the first two were not too bad but then it got ridiculous after.  But who are we to decide … Continue reading

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Dealing With My Son’s First Dump

My wife and I tried really hard to have a girl.  I am not sure how one can try to have a boy or girl so maybe I should say we wished and hoped to have a girl.  Apparently it … Continue reading

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My response to an aging widow’s offer of 7.5 Million dollars

I am so excited right now that I could hardly contain myself.  I just received the following email: Re: Dear Beloved in Christ,I am Mrs.Mary Parker an aging widow suffering from long time illness. I have some funds I inherited … Continue reading

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The Last Journey

I wasn’t planning on writing another blog about Mr. 52.  He was dead and I had already moved on.  Alas, while his replacement was occupying his still-warm spot in the living room, Mr. 52’s remains occupied my garage.  I brushed … Continue reading

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Mr. 52 is Dead!

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Yesterday my wife and I sat down to wisely use up a rare moment together while the kids slept.  We planned on turning on the fireplace and watching a movie maybe while Daddy enjoy a glass of eggnog with a … Continue reading

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What’s Important To Women Part 1

Disclaimer:  This blog is not intended to belittle my wife or any woman for that matter.  Your contribution to us men’s life is immeasurable and without you, I for one would be like a ship lost at sea. It’s just … Continue reading

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And the ‘Mommy Of The Year’ Award goes to…

My perfect wife had an experience today that would be sure to get her unanimously nominated for the Mommy Of The Year Award. NOT! She took Kenyan to school (preschool) and took the youngest one along as no one was … Continue reading

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