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Excusez-moi Madame, Have You Seen My Son?

If you are an unemployed man, raise your hand.  Um…not so fast sir.  You haven’t worked for some time and I doubt you have any intentions of working so let me rephrase that.  If you are a man who has … Continue reading

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Sleeping With Furby

You all know what a Furby is, right?  If you do, then you know how darn irritating they can become.  If you don’t, it is basically a robotic toy resembling a hamster crossed with an owl.  Furbies speak Furbish at … Continue reading

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Watching what I eat

Everyone seems to be watching what they eat these days.  “Wow girl! You looking fantabulous! What have you been doing baby?”  “Oh just watching what I eat…” Well not wanting to be left out, I jumped on the Watching-what-I-eat bandwagon.  … Continue reading

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Unfriending Facebook Friends Day

While talking to myself recently, we both decided it was time to clean up my 700 plus Facebook friends.  After all, do I even know that many people? If somehow I did, how many of them would I even call … Continue reading

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The Purse

Have you ever looked in your wife’s or girlfriend’s purse? Heck, if you are a woman, have you ever looked in your own purse?  Well I have, (No, not looked in your purse, my wife’s) and I wished I didn’t. … Continue reading

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Home Alone 5, Starring Daddy The Silent Extra

Ok I know what you are thinking, oh no not another one! Kill it already!  I understand. I agree with you, the first two were not too bad but then it got ridiculous after.  But who are we to decide … Continue reading

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Dealing With My Son’s First Dump

My wife and I tried really hard to have a girl.  I am not sure how one can try to have a boy or girl so maybe I should say we wished and hoped to have a girl.  Apparently it … Continue reading

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My response to an aging widow’s offer of 7.5 Million dollars

I am so excited right now that I could hardly contain myself.  I just received the following email: Re: Dear Beloved in Christ,I am Mrs.Mary Parker an aging widow suffering from long time illness. I have some funds I inherited … Continue reading

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The Last Journey

I wasn’t planning on writing another blog about Mr. 52.  He was dead and I had already moved on.  Alas, while his replacement was occupying his still-warm spot in the living room, Mr. 52’s remains occupied my garage.  I brushed … Continue reading

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Mr. 52 is Dead!

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Yesterday my wife and I sat down to wisely use up a rare moment together while the kids slept.  We planned on turning on the fireplace and watching a movie maybe while Daddy enjoy a glass of eggnog with a … Continue reading

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