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Goodbye Granny

Last night my family went from 5 to 4 generations with the passing of our matriarch.   My grandmother died peacefully in her sleep at the ripe age of 105. She was born in 1912. Two years before WW1 and two … Continue reading

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Goodbye Uncle Rolly

Uncle Rolly was a good man. Great with the kids even though he had none of his own and just fun to be around.  I first met him when we took a family road trip out to Beautiful British Columbia … Continue reading

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How Could They Have Known?

Last week Monday a horrific accident took place on the small Caribbean island of St. Vincent, A van carrying young children ages 11 to 17 ran off the road and ended up in the ocean, smashing to pieces on the … Continue reading

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Death In The Family

Last night, after a week-long struggle to survive an unknown illness, our beloved family and friend, Ali, died.  Ali was our 4-year old goldfish.  Named after the great boxer Mohammad Ali. During his time with us, Ali was a source … Continue reading

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Daddy muses on aging

A while back, my 4-year said to me, “Daddy, I don’t want you to get old.”  Taking the bait, I asked why.  He looked at me  solemnly and said, “You know what happens when you get old, you die.”  Well … Continue reading

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You Are In Heaven Now My Boy

I am glad you are in Heaven My bundle of joy. No more bad people to hurt Mommy’s little boy. It’s so hard not to cry Mommy felt your pain As that bad man shot his gun Again and again. … Continue reading

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I Am In Heaven Now Mommy – A poem influenced by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

Mommy please don’t cry Or even ask why I had to die. And please don’t be sad, Not everyone’s bad, No need to get mad. *                    *                * We were having fun Then he came with his gun, And we … Continue reading

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Eulogy to friend and countryman, Wade ‘Kojo’ Williams Sr.

Wade was my friend, then he was my enemy.  Then he was my friend again, then my enemy.  Luckily for me, by the time of his passing, Wade was a friend again.  We defined the term ‘frenemy’. Just mere days … Continue reading

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Goodbye Uncle Louis

Last April, we made a road trip out to Thunder Bay Ontario, to visit Amie’s uncle, Louis.  He had been battling cancer for a couple years then the battle turned into a one-sided fight.  We wanted to see him the … Continue reading

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What Would Your Final Words Say?

While reading the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper this morning, I came across an article by columnist Gordon Sinclair.  It was essentially about a new technology that enabled curious wanderers in a cemetery to read information about a deceased on their … Continue reading

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