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August 8th. Best Day Ever!

As everyone already knows, August is the best month of the entire year.  Don’t ask me why as it’s quite obvious.  Not only is it the month with the most cooperative weather but it’s also MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!  What more … Continue reading

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Excuse me, can I squeeze your buns?

Some call it a fetish, others use words like obsession and sickness, worthy of an intervention.  I just simply say ‘I love bread’.  LOVE IT!  What’s not to love about that glorious and heavenly smell of freshly-baked bread?  (I think I can actually … Continue reading

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Halloween at The Walcotts Again!

On Saturday, a collection of famous people convened at our house.  Dexter, Robin Hood,  Mrs. Roper, Cat Woman…even the Devil showed up, accompanied ironically by an Angel. It was  our 10th Anniversary Halloween Party and we also used the occasion as a … Continue reading

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Unfriending Facebook Friends Day

While talking to myself recently, we both decided it was time to clean up my 700 plus Facebook friends.  After all, do I even know that many people? If somehow I did, how many of them would I even call … Continue reading

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Originally posted on My Takes:
So apparently, Facebook is not as private as we would like and all our most intimate information is liable to be shared by a third party.  WOW!!  Some breaking news!  Who would have thunk it?…

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My Facebook Daughter

Do you know I have a daughter? No? I guess if you don’t really know me then you wouldn’t have known. You would know about my three boys as they are the ones I blog about all the time. Well … Continue reading

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Daddy Muses On Getting And Keeping The Guy

This is part 2 of my blogs on getting and keeping the one. Here’s a scenario, in school, the teacher presents a math problem and searches the room for someone to solve it.  You are good at math and know the … Continue reading

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Daddy Muses On Getting And Keeping The Girl

Disclaimer:  The following is just a personal musing and not to be confused with professional counseling.   I do however, profess to have some working knowledge on the subject based on experience.  Following my advice can and may guarantee satisfaction. … Continue reading

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