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Son, Waste Not Want Not

View image | gettyimages.com We had rolls with our dinner yesterday.  While buttering them, I noticed that the butter was just about out. Just about.  It was enough to butter everyone’s bread. 6 year-old Kenyan, a bread lover like his … Continue reading

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I Bet I Can’t Eat Just One

Hi, my name is Carlos and I am a compulsive eater.  Well maybe not in the true sense of the word…Take this morning for instance, a co-worker who obviously thought he was being a sure shoo-in for employee of the … Continue reading

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Well Daddy Said That!

During Sunday dinner, Kenyan started making chewing sounds as he ate, thinking it was funny.  “It’s how Nana eats!” He laughed.  He wasn’t wrong.  My mom does eat like that due to her dentures being a bit loose. Mikhail, without … Continue reading

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If You Cook It They Will Come

I am a late bloomer when it comes to cooking, or baking for that matter. I never had much of an interest in making what I eat. In fact, it seemed like it tasted better when someone else made it … Continue reading

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Excuse me, can I squeeze your buns?

Some call it a fetish, others use words like obsession and sickness, worthy of an intervention.  I just simply say ‘I love bread’.  LOVE IT!  What’s not to love about that glorious and heavenly smell of freshly-baked bread?  (I think I can actually … Continue reading

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Daddy, The Human Garburator

Do your kids spend way too much time at the dinner table? Do they take forever to eat a few bites?  Do they, for the most part,  hate eating anything that wasn’t picked up at Macdonald’s or delivered?  Then unknowing … Continue reading

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Watching what I eat

Everyone seems to be watching what they eat these days.  “Wow girl! You looking fantabulous! What have you been doing baby?”  “Oh just watching what I eat…” Well not wanting to be left out, I jumped on the Watching-what-I-eat bandwagon.  … Continue reading

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Bless this food and help me to eat it, amen.

Eating at my house is stressful.  Eating at restaurants could be too.  It has nothing to do with the food.  It’s my kids, they make meal times stressful. My boys are extremely picky eaters.  It’s not even about the food … Continue reading

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Giant Apple Pancake! Ihop Style!

I do not consider myself a great cook by any stretch of the imagination.  I can hold my own but pale or even disappear in comparison to my wife. She is the Martha Stewart/Betty Crocker cross. (A rare breed).  When … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping With Daddy

Last Saturday, Mikhail, Kenyan and I set out to do some last-minute shopping for mommy.  Well what do you know? Sending me shopping with the boys is  basically having three unsupervised kids wandering through a store, a sure recipe for … Continue reading

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