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When My Kids Make Me Shut Up

View image | gettyimages.com I am blessed with three of the most smart-ass kids that I have ever met. Every word that I say has to be carefully analyzed and scrutinized before I say it.  I have to make sure … Continue reading

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Daddy Is A Church Snob

If you have read a few of my bogs then you would have concluded that my 6 year-old is quite the kid. The things he comes up with, his antics, he is truly a special boy, not to take anything … Continue reading

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Happy 102 Nennie!

If you are in your late 40’s and still have your maternal grandmother around, raise your hand.  How about your paternal grandmother?  Now for the winner takes all, if you are pushing 50 and still have both grandmothers around, alive … Continue reading

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Eight Years Ago Today

On July 30th 2005, I was lucky to be the groom to an angelic bride.  The day celebrated by blessing us with sunshine and a gentle breeze.  The ceremony was perfect and the presiding minister did a great job in … Continue reading

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You Are In Heaven Now My Boy

I am glad you are in Heaven My bundle of joy. No more bad people to hurt Mommy’s little boy. It’s so hard not to cry Mommy felt your pain As that bad man shot his gun Again and again. … Continue reading

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When Madmen Violate Our Kids Sanctuary

It really seems as though madness comes out around Christmas and today is just another proof of that assumption.  Two heavily armed men in their twenties, entered an elementary school and allegedly killed 27 people, most of them kids. What … Continue reading

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No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!

Last Friday, the wife and I had a date night lined up.  I could hardly wait for my shift to be over.   With about two hours left at work, I heard the words that every employee loves to hear on … Continue reading

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The Power of Prayer

As a Christian, I often converse with God on issues that I have no control over.  Because my prayers are usually of thanksgiving, when I do ask for something, I do so with the conviction that it will be answered … Continue reading

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And Mik is starting Grade 1!

Mikhail would be very upset with me if I blogged about his little brother starting preschool but not about him starting grade school.  After all, he’s been talking about it all summer.  “Daddy, I can’t nap anymore because I am … Continue reading

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My response to an aging widow’s offer of 7.5 Million dollars

I am so excited right now that I could hardly contain myself.  I just received the following email: Re: Dear Beloved in Christ,I am Mrs.Mary Parker an aging widow suffering from long time illness. I have some funds I inherited … Continue reading

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