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Daddy muses on aging

A while back, my 4-year said to me, “Daddy, I don’t want you to get old.”  Taking the bait, I asked why.  He looked at me  solemnly and said, “You know what happens when you get old, you die.”  Well … Continue reading

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Confessions Of A Photo Double

When I took the job of being a photo double for Mr. Sam, I was actually excited for the change of pace.   Away from home at nights, no more bedtime routine for a few weeks, spending alone time in … Continue reading

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That Christmas Feeling

While at work today, I had my radio on a station that was playing only Christmas music.  It was the old sappy kind that my family listened to back home.  You know the ones like ‘Pretty Paper’ and others by Bing … Continue reading

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Eulogy to friend and countryman, Wade ‘Kojo’ Williams Sr.

Wade was my friend, then he was my enemy.  Then he was my friend again, then my enemy.  Luckily for me, by the time of his passing, Wade was a friend again.  We defined the term ‘frenemy’. Just mere days … Continue reading

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Island Nicknames

Nicknames are a big part of our culture back in St. Vincent.  Just about everyone has a nickname.  Some are normal and some are downright embarrassing. Growing up, I didn’t know the real names of most of the kids in … Continue reading

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Daddy’s favorite son

When our second son, Kenyan was just over a year old, he took ill and I had to rush him to the hospital.  While waiting in Emergency, he was too weak to sit or stand on his own so I … Continue reading

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Date Night At The Hospital

With a household of seven, who could blame me for taking last Friday afternoon off work and checking in at the ER with my wife in tow just so we could spend some time together?  After all, what better place … Continue reading

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The Purse

Have you ever looked in your wife’s or girlfriend’s purse? Heck, if you are a woman, have you ever looked in your own purse?  Well I have, (No, not looked in your purse, my wife’s) and I wished I didn’t. … Continue reading

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On The Set

The movie industry is very unpredictable.  Things can change at anytime and that was the case on Friday when I showed up on the set for the making of the fifth installment of the Home Alone series. I was told … Continue reading

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Parental Six Sense

It’s uncanny the way we parents can tell when there’s something not quite right with our little ones.  No matter what a doctor may say to the contrary, we know when there’s something wrong. Last week I walked in the … Continue reading

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