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New Hockey Parents On The Block

Meet the block’s newest hockey mom and dad! Albeit a tad unwillingly.  Amie and I weren’t exactly bursting at the seams to put the boys in hockey.  We wanted them to learn how to skate but wanted to steer clear … Continue reading

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A day at the farm

Yesterday I took the day off from work to accompany Trey on his pre-school’s farm trip.  It was a great day to be out of the office and outdoors.  It was nice and cool in the morning but warmed up … Continue reading

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That Soccer Season

The dreaded soccer season is here again!  Amie and I have a love hate relationship with it.  We love that it gives the boys a chance to get out and play with other kids but with three boys who are … Continue reading

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There’s no such thing as ‘Writer’s Block’ when you blog about kids

Last week I did not attempt even one blog.  I couldn’t come up with anything that was interesting enough to share.  Yes, the boys were still cute and said and did funny stuff but nothing that I considered blog-worthy.  At … Continue reading

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Winter to-dos not done.

Last fall I had lofty aspirations to use the long months of winter to my advantage.  I wanted to engage in fun activities that would make the winter go by quickly.  Learning to skate was one of the big ones. … Continue reading

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Making The Man Cave

Work on The Man Cave is under way.  The framing is just about done and I have started running electrical cables.  Yes, I am, not the wife, not my friends, not my father-in-law, I am excited! Most of the planning … Continue reading

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Summer Should Haves and Winter To Do’s

It’s Winter!  Well not so fast, we are not quite there yet.  It’s getting to be a bit too cold for my liking but nothing that a few layers of early winter clothing won’t fix. Every year, when the temperature … Continue reading

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Want Ads: Blogger Seeks Bff For Unconditional Love

I apologize for the misleading subject.  I don’t want a best friend as in the two-legged kind.  What I want is a genuine bff, man’s best friend, a dog.  I have nothing against two-legged bffs mind you.  They can make best … Continue reading

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