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When My Kids Make Me Shut Up

View image | gettyimages.com I am blessed with three of the most smart-ass kids that I have ever met. Every word that I say has to be carefully analyzed and scrutinized before I say it.  I have to make sure … Continue reading

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Kids and Church

In our efforts to rehabilitate (For lack of a better word) our Foster Son, we encourage him to take part in all family activities. Strongly encourage him.  One such activity is attending church. We try to make it to church … Continue reading

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Daddy! Daddy! Pt. 2 The Reality

Soon after publishing my blog about the powerful meaning of the word ‘Daddy’, I heard on the radio that there was a devastating fire in another part of the city which claimed the lives of four people including two young … Continue reading

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My Island Christmas

As Christmas approaches, so too does my seasonal nostalgia.  I suffer from a self-diagnosed ailment that I call Christmas Nostalgic Disorder or CND. (Don’t google it, I said I made it up, didn’t I?).  When afflicted, I get teary eyed … Continue reading

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He sees you when you are sleeping…

It’s that time of year again.  The time when the jolly man ‘shows’ up and repay good deeds with gifts of toys for the little ones.  Now this is an often discussed topic.  Should we continue to ‘lie’ to our … Continue reading

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