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Honey I Told The Kid

Lately, Kenyan my 8-year-old, has been reacting to not getting his way by crying that his life sucks.  On some occasions, he has threatened to run away, once packing his bag with his prized possessions, wrestling figures.  “Kenyan, many kids … Continue reading

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Felix The Mischievous Elf On The Shelf Is Back

Remember Felix? He was that impish elf who showed up last year at our house and made himself right at home. In fact too much so. He got into things, he drank our pancake syrup, pigged out in the fridge … Continue reading

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Gagging On My Gag Gift

Yesterday I attended a volunteer Christmas party for volunteers at a nursing home. The invite said that we should bring a gag gift. I found this cheap looking toy Santa that pops up when you pushed a button at the … Continue reading

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My Island Christmas

As Christmas approaches, so too does my seasonal nostalgia.  I suffer from a self-diagnosed ailment that I call Christmas Nostalgic Disorder or CND. (Don’t google it, I said I made it up, didn’t I?).  When afflicted, I get teary eyed … Continue reading

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He sees you when you are sleeping…

It’s that time of year again.  The time when the jolly man ‘shows’ up and repay good deeds with gifts of toys for the little ones.  Now this is an often discussed topic.  Should we continue to ‘lie’ to our … Continue reading

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