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Is That Underwear Or Shorts?

This morning our 16 year-old Brazilian exchange student decided she would dress a little more like a Brazilian than an Eskimo and traded in her warm and comfy sweats for some short shorts to wear around the house.  Kenyan, yes … Continue reading

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Stolen, misplaced, phantom shoes

Yesterday I made an adjustment in how I deal with Teenager. I am making a conscious effort to be less confrontational when he slips up.  Instead of always being on the offensive and confrontational, I am going to try a new … Continue reading

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That’s just how teenagers are

While I am on this teenagers rant, let me take the opportunity to let it all out.  My last post detailed my dislike for inappropriate texting by my cousin.  After relating this and other teenager related issues with a few … Continue reading

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1-2-3 Texting…

My cousin finally got the Blackberry he craved.  He had a ‘generic’ phone for a few years and wanted a BB so he could enjoy all the cool stuff that came with it like bbm, facebook app, etc.  Plus all … Continue reading

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Eating, eating, eating…

My 14-year-old cousin who is also our Foster kid, does not seem to know when he is full.  He eats or at least wants to eat every few minutes.  He is constantly in the kitchen, even when he has just … Continue reading

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